Back Story for Spinning Puzzle Game

Today, Nigel takes action. Rufus cheers as Nigel plunges twenty feet in a flying nosedive, like a powerless airplane, headfirst into the in-coming tide. His pouch abruptly hinges from the top of his bill, opens and deploys like a parachute full of, not air, but seawater. Nigel’s head jerks sideways. Splat! His gigantic seven-foot outstretched wings squarely hit the hard flat surface of Commencement Bay like a belly flop into a pool.

Seawater fills Nigel’s pouch until it’s the size of a huge volleyball. The inflated load of water tugging his neck. Stunned! Nigel bobs in the tide, as if he was a bob-float on a fishing line when a fish takes the bait and swims to escape.

Excerpt From
Nigel’s Big Dive
Michael Taylor-Sullivan
This material may be protected by copyright.

Author: C-B-T

As a Portland-based industrial designer/artist for over 30 years in the Portland area, it is my passion to create stories and toys to bridge the gap between differing skill sets in language acquisition, and how illusions, real and interpreted, play out in amusement park fantasy and game play. The mission is Every Toy Deserves its Story.

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