Children’s Puzzle Toy Designed for Family Vacations?


Nigel’s Big Dive was written as a backstory for the design and creation of a pizza puzzle game whittled in wood ~ a toy. The story process went from graphic novel, Ray Bradbury Fahrenheit 451-style to Chris Ware’s Acme series, and eventually as a screenplay narrative…talking animals were not in my wheelhouse!

Where do your notions of backstory come from? Or do you use them? If so, do you create them out of necessity, a need to be logical, purposeful, proving your awareness of the now?

Or creatively driven to work through your history: the place where motivations, inexplicable series of events, stamped out from your impressions, emotions and learned concepts arise.

Do you have a backstory to extricate?

Hoping that the story is not altogether autobiographical, Nigel’s Big Dive story is intended to be part of a backstory to a culinary toy designed in an engineering ACAD program. The music below is the overture to the story of an eastern white pelican. Set in Puget Sound’s Commencement Bay, herrings, seabirds and jellyfish join in the play in amusement park fantasy.

Author: C-B-T

As a Portland-based industrial designer/artist for over 30 years in the Portland area, it is my passion to create stories and toys to bridge the gap between differing skill sets in language acquisition, and how illusions, real and interpreted, play out in amusement park fantasy and game play. The mission is Every Toy Deserves its Story.

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