Choosing to DIY Audio Book and Song Mastering

Time to bootstrap those perfect-pitch gifts and arranging ideas for opportunities to work in the recording industry. A new pair of skates for me, for sure, after retiring from my former career in industrial design. During those years, I invested in hobby projects including story writing and music research. Although merely an amateur in Finale NotePad and Audacity, I believe that I do have a calling for composing and performing. 

Last year, I published an iBook, Nigel’s Big Dive, which contains six programmatic children’s music compositions. Now I started working out with wheels under my feet.  Muscles seldom(ever) called to action are renewed with kind of a new force ~ hopefully towards an entry level position as recording technician. This would be quite exciting!

Knee stops are the first workout with all gear on! Carpet only!

Author: C-B-T

As a Portland-based industrial designer/artist for over 30 years in the Portland area, it is my passion to create stories and toys to bridge the gap between differing skill sets in language acquisition, and how illusions, real and interpreted, play out in amusement park fantasy and game play. The mission is Every Toy Deserves its Story.

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