Never Confuse Memory With History!

I just discovered with surprise (via browser search with Google) Pablo Picasso’s statement about children’s art:

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

On countless occasions, I cited it differently! I do not know how or why this happened. It probably was lazy memory on my part. Maybe, unconsciously, I was not influenced by the slight-of-hand of Picasso’s self importance? I cannot imagine how may times that I shared with others, in a modest didactic fashion, an arbitrated version:

“All of us are children, some of us are just older than others.”

Without exception, everyone always enjoyed my mistaken version. Did my version do a better job illustrating the joy of creating in the child’s psyche? Although, my remembrance seldom referenced art or being an artist, rather could it be a signposting of the importance of being and the process of learning as a child’s process? One we sustain; one that continues through all of life? Usually, we live, work, and play rarely recognizing the inner child due to a cascading array of arbitrated names and mislabeled descriptions along the way.

I continue to relate to the impression version in my mind. What do you think?

Author: C-B-T

As a Portland-based industrial designer/artist for over 30 years in the Portland area, it is my passion to create stories and toys to bridge the gap between differing skill sets in language acquisition, and how illusions, real and interpreted, play out in amusement park fantasy and game play. The mission is Every Toy Deserves its Story.

7 thoughts on “Never Confuse Memory With History!”

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